Cambridge Investment Research Inc.

Cambridge Nation: UX/UI Lead

Cambridge Nation is a private, online community for Cambridge that allows our rep-advisors to to brainstorm and connect with their peers on the go. The community is a responsive applicatoin that allows them to stay connected from their home computer, tablet or mobile device.

Apollo UX/UI Lead and Front-End Development

Apollo is the codename for the redesign of Cambridge's CLIC technology. The goal was to create a responsive application to give our rep-advisors access to all of their business needs no matter where they are.

Retirement Center UX/UI Lead and Front-End Development

Knowledge Center University
UX/UI Lead

The Knowledge Center University is an online university that gives rep-advisors and associates access to a comprehensive suite of professional development solutions.

Human Resources Management UX/UI Lead

Cambridge's new human resources management system allows Cambridge's employees to access all of their payroll and human resources information in one location. This project is currently in progress.

The creative design projects in this portfolio are the intellectual property of Cambridge Investment Research, Inc, and are examples of the projects I am directly involved with at Cambridge.
Being part of a collaborative team, some of these projects are a reflection of team ideas and efforts. I would be very pleased to speak to my specific contributions.